Yag-laser vitreolysis.

Very often, when they come to the ophthalmologist’s appointment, patients complain about the appearance of floating opacities in the form of dots, “flies”, “worms”, lines or other foreign inclusions that are more noticeable on a light background. These inclusions blur vision, significantly disturbing everyday life, because once they appear, they no longer disappear. In almost 80% of patients with such complaints, destruction of the vitreous body (DST), which is currently one of the most common ophthalmological problems, is detected. the vitreous body is a violation of its natural structure due to a certain change in individual fibers, with the loss of their transparency and thickening. Especially often, this happens due to the aging of the body and is accompanied by the decay and gluing of fragmentary vitreous elements into certain conglomerates. It is these conglomerates that are visible in the form of "flies", threads and other floating elements. They are especially noticeable against the background of bright surfaces, for example, against a background of bright sky, white snow, illuminated light objects in the interior. Such formations have the form of small blackouts smoothly gliding with eye movement. Reasons for the appearance of "flies": The appearance of the destruction of the vitreous body can provoke many factors. As already noted, most often, they are caused by age-related changes that occur after 40-50 years. Other reasons include the presence of vascular disorders, endocrine and metabolic failures, cervical osteochondrosis, eye, head or nose injuries. In addition, a high level of toxic or radiation effects caused by parasitic and infectious intoxications can become the cause of destruction. Due to the widespread use of computer technology, these complaints are often made by young people and adolescents. This phenomenon interferes with normal vision, causes discomfort and causes rapid eye fatigue. Today the most effective method for treating vitreous destruction is vitreolysis. This is a procedure in which the visible "flies" are broken with a laser into small particles and no longer interfere with vision. Vitreolysis is a safe and effective treatment technique. Its advantages: it does not require surgery; there are no incisions, blood and pain; painless (local anesthesia is used); without hospitalization; minimum recovery period. In our clinic, Vitreolysis is performed on a modern ultra-precision laser of the Australian company Ellex. Vitreolysis procedure: Vitriolysis for the destruction of the vitreous body is performed on an outpatient basis. For anesthesia, local drip anesthesia is used, which does not affect the heart, blood vessels, and other internal organs. Before starting treatment, drops are instilled into the patient to dilate the pupil. After anesthesia, a special lens is installed on the patient’s eye, with which the laser beam will be focused on the selected area of ​​the vitreous body. For laser vitreolysis, it is not necessary to perform surgical incisions. The procedure takes place without any blood loss, and local anesthesia eliminates any pain.