PRICE LIST from 01.01.2024. Prices for diagnostics are indicated in lei on both eyes The prices for operations and course treatment are indicated in lei for one eye


Diagnostics 610/570
Primary diagnostics for children before 3 years old / by Online appointment 350/350
Diagnostics complete for children from 3 to 16 years 430/400
Diagnostics pensioners 420/390
Examination and consultation with an oculoplastic surgeon 350
Repeated consultation before 1 year workers 450/420
Repeated diagnostics for children under 3 years old / by Online appointment 350/350
Repeated diagnostics within 1 year from the last visit for children from 3 to 16 years old / by Online appointment 390/370
Repeated consultation before 1 year pensioners 370/350
Photos of the fundus to the fundus camera CANON / stereo(Two photos, both eyes) 250/250/250
Removal of sutures 750
The daily tonometry
(1 day)
Selection of glasses (after passing the diagnosis) 60
OST, or ONH Macular area or cornea more 450
Fundus autofluorescence 250
FAG (fluorescein angiography) more 1550
Endothelial microscopy more 200
Ultrasound biomicroscopy
(One eye / both eyes)
Analyzer ORA biomechanical properties of the eye (Lpg, CH, IPCC, CRF) 150
Analysis of contrast sensitivity of the central perimeter 150
Lens calculation ZEISS IOL Master700 550


Phacoemulsification cataract + IOL monofocal more 10400 + линза/lentila
Phacoemulsification of complicated cataract + IOL monofocal 12300 + линза/lentila
Phacoemulsification cataract + IOL multifocal more 11700 + линза/lentila
Facoemulsification of complicated cataract + LIO multifocal more 13600 + линза/lentila
Phacoemulsification cataract complicated lens CPR more 15400
Phacoemulsification cataract + LIO Toric more 11900+ Линза/Lentila
Phacoemulsification of complicated cataract + LIO Toric more 13800+ Линза/Lentila
Phacoemulsification cataract + LIO Multifocal Toric more 11900+ Линза/Lentila
Phacoemulsification of complicated cataract + IOL Multifocal Toric more 13800 + Линза/Lentila
LIO REPER MIOL2 (monofocal) 1500
LIO ALCON IQ (monofocal) more 4300
LIO Replacement 18500+ИОЛ
IOL stitching 6800
Reposition of the iris 2750
Washing out of the lens masses 3200
Hyphema washout 2750
LIO ALCON PanOpticToryc (Multifocal Toric) 18900
IOL ALCON PanOptic (Multifocal) 14500
LIO ALCON Toryc (Toric) 9000
LIO SiFi Mini Well Ready/Proxa (Multifocal) 10500
LIO SiFi Mini Well Toric Ready (Multifocal Toric) 12500
Anti-glaucomatosis surgery more 7400
Anti-glaucomatosis surgery + drainage / Express (Alcon) more 8300/26000
Filtration pad revision 3200
Removal of a filtration pad cyst 4200
Posterior capsulorhexis (along with cataract removal) 2200
Washing out Elsching balls 5900
Elution of balloons Elshenga + DZK 7300
Surgical discography of the posterior capsule of the lens 5400
Iridotomy YAG-laser operations more 2700
Discimento gonio-puncture YAG-laser 2700
Selected laser trabeculoplasty more 3500
YAG-laser surgery DZK more 3100
Trabeculectomy Ab interno (Kahook Dual Blade) 3200

Myopia, hypermetropia, astigmatism

Scleraplasty / colagenoplastia (one eye) / children under 10 years old 3400/3600
Scleroplasty/Collagenoplasty (both eyes) / children under 10 years 6400/6800
Implantation of phakic IOL/RSP, MA60AC more 7500/9000
Extraction of the clear lens 8450
Clear lens extraction + LIO monofocal 12800 + линза/lentila
Extraction of the clear lens + LIO Multifocal 13500 + линза/lentila
Extraction of the clear lens + LIO Toric 13700 + линза/lentila
Extraction of the clear lens + LIO Multifocal 13700+ линза/lentila
LASIK I category (sph up to -2D, cyl up to <2D) more 6750
LASIK II category (sph from +2D to -4D, cyl up to 1D) more 8920
LASIK III category (sph from -4D to -8 D, cyl from 1D to 2D, sph from +2D to 4D) 9920
LASIK IV category (sph from -8D to -12D, cyl from 2D to 4D or sph more +4) 10920
LASIK V category ( sph more 12D sau cyl more 4D) 11920
LASIK - personalized in aberrometry / topography 11920
Therapeutic corneal crosslinking EpiOn 6950
Corneal crosslinking EpiOff/EpiOn 9800
Removal of epithelium ingrown under the flap
Flattening of the folds of the flap 1200
FRC/TransFRC/LASEK I category (sph up to -2D, cyl up to 0.5D) 6450
FRC/TransFRC/LASEK II category (sph from +2D to -4D, cyl up to 1D) 9050
FRK/TransFRK/LASEK III category (sph from 4D to 8D, cyl from 1D to 2D, sph from +2D to +4D) more 10050
FRK/TransFRK/LASEK IV category (sph from -8D to -12D, cyl from 2D to 4D, or sph more +4D) more 11050
FRK/TransFRK/LASEK V category (sph more -12D or cyl more 4D) more 12050
FRK - personalized in aberrometry/topography 12550

Chirurgia corpului vitros şi retinei

Circular impression of sclera more 14400
Vitrectomy 19300
Vitrectomy + silicone 24400
Vitrectomy + silicone + endolazer 29600
Replacement silicone / silicone remover 12600/9300
Explantation of the lens from the vitreal cavity + implantation of IOL (RSP-3) + silicone 36000 + линза/lentila
IOL explantation from the vitreal cavity + IOL (RSP-3) implantation + silicone 36000 + линза/lentila
Removing part of the silicone 4200
Removing silicone from the anterior chamber 3200
Pattern PPLC for myopia 532 / Navigated laser therapy with the Navilas Laser System 577s 577 nM more 2800/3200
Navigated laser therapy 577 nM more 3600
AG-laser surgery vitreolysis 1 cat/ 2 cat more 3700/4400
Transpupipilla Thermo Therapy (TTT) 10/15 sessions 2500/3500


Fix the horizontal component of strabismus more 5200
Strabismus correction vertical component more 5200
Correction of strabismus second phase more 4200
Correction of strabismus complicated (repeated) 6700

Surgery on the eyelids, sclera of the lacrimal canal

Ptosis 4800
VRO 2200
Elimination of inversion of the eyelids / eversion of the eyelids 4300
Thermocoagulation vessels 1900
Removal of pterygium more 2600
Removal of pterygium + plasty of the conjunctiva
(outpatient) more
Removal of pterygium with therapeutic SCL coating (outpatient)
(ambulatory) more
Removal of chalazion / Deleting multiple chalazion
(outpatient) more
Removing pinguecula
Removing xanthelasma CO2 laser
Plastic upper eyelids both eyes / plastic lower eyelids both eyes 8500/9500
Extended plastic of the lower eyelid / upper eyelid (both eyes) 10750/9750
Plastic transconjunctival lower eyelid / upper eyelids (both eyes) 12750
PECVD skin wounds century 1750
Eliminating trichiasis 1900
Removing warts, cysts, tumors CO2 laser 3200
Removal of papillomas, cysts, neoplasms in the operating room
Removal of papillomas, cysts, neoplasms of CO2 laser up to 5 pcs.
(In the procedural)
Removal of papillomas, cysts, neoplasms CO2 laser from 5 pcs to 10 pcs / more 10 pcs (per unit)
(In the procedural)
Fractional laser resurfacing of the eyelids and periocular zone 2200
LTSFK/ alcoholization 1800
Activating the lacrimal point
Removal of a foreign body in the operating room
Additional sutures on the skin 1200
Placement of additional sutures on the conjunctiva 1200
Opening of postoperative abscess 2200
Re-suturing the postoperative wound 1700
Excision of scar tissue 1750

Cataract and glaucoma

Hospital stay (day of surgery until morning) 400
In case of extension of the additional hours are paid at a rate of 500 MDL 500


Course treatment

A course of treatment at VCKProff №10 1200
Magnetic stimulation №10 450
Washing of lacrimal duct 350
Probing of the lacrimal canal №1 1400
Massage of century 150


Intramuscular №1 30
Intravenous №1 45
Under conjunctiva №1 70
In the lower arch №1 85
Pterygopalatine blockade №1 250
IVIA/IVIA + hemase
IVI kenalog / IVI hemaz
Relief of acute attack of glaucoma more 350


Primary examination. Diagnostics, rhinoscopy, otoscopy, oropharyngoscopy, indirect laryngoscopy. (examination of ENT organs or video endoscopy of ENT organs and / or ultrasound of paranasal sinuses, laryngoscopy if necessary) consultation and conclusion o more 400
Return visit up to one month after conservative treatment 250
Return visit up to two months after surgical treatment (including medical procedures) 300
Endoscopy ENT 300
Definitions of nasal resistance 250
Tonal audiometry more 250
Impedancemetry more 300
Videolaryngoscopy more 450
Washing middle ear disinfectant solution 200
Puncture of the maxillary sinus / endonasal submucosa blockade 450
Removal of foreign body from the nasal cavity 300


Removing the remnants of pharyngeal lymphoid tissue (with plasma)

Removal of nasal synechiae 4800
Lakunotomiya tonsils 4600
Removing the remnants of pharyngeal lymphoid tissue 4600
Removing warty nevus projection ENT 1250-2350
Polipotomiya nasal cavity 5800
Endoscopic adenotomy 7600
Tonzillotomiya 4500
Tonsillectomy laser / plasma 8500/14700
Septoplasty 7500
Coagulation inferior turbinates 2450
Staphyloplasty 5500
Surgical treatment of snoring 8800
Endoscopic sfenotomiya 12400
Back turbinotomy 4200
Submucous destruction of nasal turbinates 5200
Maxillary sinusotomy / unilateral maxillary sinusotomy 6800/10800
Endoscopic maxillary sinusotomy / bilateral maxillary sinusotomy 9500/15500
Etmoidotomiya 4600
Removal of papillomas in the nasal cavity / removing papillomas external auditory canal 4200/5200
Removal of papillomas in the oral pharynx 3800
Rhinoplasty 19000
Endoscopic nasal polipotomiya 12200
Endoscopic polipotomiya nasal cavity with etmoidotomiey 10000
Endoscopic removal of foreign bodies of the nasal cavity 5500
Endoscopic removal of benign tumors 12200

Department of Cardiology

Consulting with cardiologist + ECG 250
The daily monitoring of ECG 350
he daily monitoring of blood pressure 350
Pulse oximetry 350

DIVISION tomography and radiography

3D Imaging 18 x 18 600
3D tomography 10 x 10 600
Tomography 3D + ProFace (facial photo) 750
3D Imaging 10 x 10 (high frequency. LF, paranasal sinuses) 600
3D Tomography 8 x 8 (HF, LF) 600
3D Tomography 8 x 5 (HF or LF) 600
3D Tomography 4 x 5 (teeth) 350
3D tomography cervical spine 500
3D face photo 200
Paranasal sinuses Imaging 3D 500
3D Tomography middle ear/ bilateral 500/600
3D Tomography average temporal bone / pair 500/600
3D Tomography tear ducts 500
Tomography 3D eye orbits 500
Оrthopantomography 140
Orthopantomography + TMJ 180
Orthopantomography improved orthogonality 140
Orthopantomography improved interproximal 140
Tsefalografiya 150
Paranasal sinuses Radiography 140