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Questions and answers

Questions and answers

Attention! At any trauma of organ of vision it is necessary urgent (at the first hours after wound) survey at the expert!!!

To avoid sudden problems with sight, it is necessary to pass diagnostics once a year.

We pay your attention, that full enough picture of a condition of visual system can be received only at survey on the modern equipment.

It allows not only to ascertain, but also to predict occurrence of eye illnesses.

The doctor will tell about what problems can trap you, and will define, what medicines in the presence of diseases You should have near at hand for urgent help.

All of us are people busy and frequently even if something hurts in us, we postpone our visit to the doctor "on then". When it is impossible to postpone the consult to the ophthalmologist? What symptoms demand the immediate help? On these and other questions you will find the answer on pages of our site.

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