Gagauz Alexei






1970-1976 graduated from the State University of Medicine and Pharmacy. N. Testemitanu Moldova, Chisinau.

1976-1977 graduated from the internship in the specialty "Otorhinolaryngology"

1994 received the title of Doctor of Medical Sciences, associate professor, on the basis of the Department of "Otorhinolaryngology", on the basis of the State University of Medicine and Pharmacy " N. Testemitanu Moldova, Chisinau.

He is the chairman of the World International Congress on "Otorhinolaryngology",

Foreign practices and participation in international conferences:

1997 Austria, Sydney

1998 Israel, Jerusalem

1999-2001 France, Paris

2000 Germany, Berlin

2004 Istanbul, Ankara (numerous)

2008 Italy, Bolonia

2010 England, London

2012 Spain, Barcelona

2012 Italy, Rome

2015 Czech Republic, Prague

St.Petersburg annually, over the past 30 years.