Cosciuc Alexandr

Surgeon ophthalmologist



General ophthalmosurgery, cataract surgery, Retinologiy, Strobizm, Laser treatment of fundus diseases (diabetes, macular degeneration, vascular disorders)


1998-2004 graduated from the State University of Medicine and Pharmacy. N. Testemitanu Moldova, town of Kininev
2004-2007 graduated from residency and internship in the specialty "Ophthalmology" at the Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education (based on MNTK Microsurgery of the Eye named after Academician Fedorov) Russia St. Petersburg
2008-2009 graduated from the residency on the specialty "Ophthalmology" in GUMF them. N. Testemitanu Moldova, town of Kininev
2005 - advanced training course "Strabismus and amethropia" Russia St. Petersburg
2006 - advanced training course "Laser technologies in the treatment of diabetic retinopathy" Russia St. Petersburg
2007 - advanced training course "Phacoemulsification of cataracts" Russia St. Petersburg
2014 - advanced training course "Vitreoretinal Surgery" Russia Moscow
2008-2015 category courses for the improvement of doctors, based on GMUF them. Testemitanu Moldova, Chisinau
Member of the society "European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons"

2008-2015 г Passage of improvement of professional skill on the basis of the state university of medicine and pharmacy them. N. Testemitanu Moldova, Chisinau:

2008 General Ophthalmology

2010 Glaucoma

2013 Vascular pathology of the optic nerve

2014 Vascular Pathology of the Visual Analyzer

Permanent participation in international and local conferences.

More than 5000 thousand operations were carried out for phacoemulsification of cataracts, more than 2000 thousand laser operations for strengthening the retina in diabetes mellitus. He also performs surgery for stopping myopia progression, correcting strabismus, and injecting Avastin with macular edema in diabetes mellitus.