Computer tonography

Tonometry - a measurement of intraocular pressure (IOP). Before the invention of special instruments pressure was measured by palpation. At the same ophthalmologist finger touches the eye through closed eyelids and can determine the approximate level of IOP. Today this method is used when an urgent need to determine the level of intraocular pressure, and the instrumentation is not at hand.
All methods and instruments for measuring pressure can be divided into two groups of contact when measuring a direct contact with the surface of the cornea and contactless.
The recognized standard is a long-distance pressure measurement with Goldmann tonometer. In the eyes placed a special sinker which puts pressure on the cornea of ​​the flat case, the pressure force is measured by a special pre-graduated scale before measuring the eye is dug fluorescein, fluorescein fingerprint on the prism ophthalmologist can judge the correctness of installation of the device on the eye. The study conducted at the slit lamp. Since this method relates to the contact and the prism has an effect on the cornea, the eye instilled pre anetstetiki.
Modern contactless devices for measuring intraocular pressure by means of air jets make the cornea flatter, and the speed of recovery of the cornea fixed by a special optical sensor. This value translates into device mmHg. Since this method of measurement is no contact with the eye, does not require anesthetic or instillation occurs a potential of infection to the eye as measured during contact. However, this study is less accurate than the measurement by Goldmann, especially at high levels of IOP in a patient. However, the latest models of non-contact tonometer used in our clinic, at the same time measuring the thickness of the cornea and bring poproavku its thickness making measurements more accurate for measuring the real pressure, we use a special blood pressure using the method of analysis of the elastic properties of the cornea.
In our clinic, contact instruments for measuring IOP iispolzuyutsya to confirm the results of contactless in cases where there is doubt, may also be used with the methods of analysis of the elastic properties of the cornea. ORA (Reichert) Automatic device that implements a fundamentally new approach to measuring intraocular pressure (IOP). The analyzer allows the biomechanical properties of the eye to assess the visco-elastic properties of the cornea and its thickness.