Computer perimetry

Field of view - this is an area or region which the human eye can perceive stationary. Try for a moment to fix his gaze on a single point or object, and you'll notice that in addition to this point, you see the objects around you, though with less clarity. Thus, everything that you are able to see and called the field of view. When the eye moves the visible area will become much larger.
When we fix his eyes on a certain subject, in our body activates all visual functions, including the ability to perceive light, color, form, movement. All of these functions that can be quantified, and the concept of form fields of view.
Evaluation of sight in ophthalmology reveals many ocular pathologies and diseases. In particular, narrowing the field of vision may indicate the presence of one of the worst diseases of the eye glaucoma.
In our view, characterized by the fact that the maximum visual acuity and maximum sensitivity of perception of surrounding objects characteristic of the center of fixation and decreases towards the periphery. In order to estimate the parameters of the field of view is generally used two methods. First, moving quite dim light source and from the periphery to the center, until it is noticed by the patient. Then the same thing is done in the other direction, the result is recorded on a special map view. This method is called kinetic perimetry. In the second, static perimetry, the light source is fixed at one point, but changes its brightness, until it will not be perceived by the human eye. This method allows to quantify the light sensitivity of the eye.
Kinetic perimetry reveals some diseases of the brain, static, many eye diseases such as glaucoma.
Modern eye examination includes an analysis of the field of view, this research is called the computer perimeter and conducted at a specialized diagnostic tool computerized perimeter.
At baseline, the patient sits comfortably over the instrument, fixing his eyes on a special light-label. At various points of the dome device randomly light up light spots of different brightness. Seeing such a spot, the patient fixes it by pressing a button on the joystick. Just change the rate of appearance of these spots, the direction of movement, color. As a result of this diagnosis ophthalmologist can be judged on the parameters of the visual field and the possibility of narrowing the Special printing and graphics - card view.
In our clinic ispolzuyustsya date and accurate perimeter allowing the early stages to determine the changes in visual fields and promptly take action to treat. As well as using the Octopus 600 perimeter (Haag-Streit) analyzer contrast sensitivity is possible early diagnosis of glaucoma. He reveals characteristic changes in visual fields at the preclinical stage even under normal IOP and SOCT.