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When it is necessary to bring a child for an examination to an ophthalmologist

Children's ophthalmologists around the world are sounding the alarm. The number of eye diseases among children is growing at an alarming rate. According to the World Association of Ophthalmologists, today every 10th child under 3 years old is diagnosed with strabismus, and every 3rd student...

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Laser vision correction - fast and safe

Laser vision correction is recognized as one of the fastest, painless and effective methods of surgical intervention in ophthalmology. In medicine, it is known as refractive surgery and is considered a layer of ophthalmology, which includes three basic diagnoses - myopia, hyperopia and...

Full ophthalmic-clinical examination of eyesight at no additional cost: Cost 440 lei

As a rule, vision diagnostics includes studies that are required for each patient (basic package-optometric examination), and studies that are additionally prescribed by a doctor for a fee (the so-called clinical studies). The basic package is compiled so that the price is attractive, and at the...

What is cataract

The lens is a clear lens. But it happens that he becomes cloudy. A disease that causes clouding of the lens is called cataract. Changing the transparency of the lens prevents the penetration of light rays into the eye, and the person’s vision deteriorates. Cataracts can affect the entire...

Particular attention to the diagnosis of vision of young patients

In Chisinau center “Eye Microsurgery” a specialized children's room has been expanded        The ability to see well is especially important for children, since in the early years they perceive more than 80% of the information visually. This is a guarantee...

Retinal Detachment and Vitreoretinal Surgery

New technologies for the most complex diagnoses in the Ophthalmological Center "Eye Microsurgery" Vitreoretinal surgery (from lat. "Corpus vitreum" - the vitreous body, "retina" - the retina) is one of the most modern and complex areas in ophthalmology. And, according to experts, every year...

Crosslinking - a classic way to treat keratoconus

The term keratoconus comes from two Greek words: “kerato”, meaning “cornea”, and “konos” - “cone”. Keratoconus is a degenerative eye disease in which the cornea, due to structural changes, becomes thinner and takes a conical shape, in contrast to a...

Why is Myopia developing and how to return good vision?

Why myopia develops There are many causes of myopia. But the main of them, doctors consider the following: - excessive visual work at close range,- hereditary predisposition,- a weakened sclera that does not provide adequate resistance to excessive eye growth,- insufficiently developed...

What is cataract and how is it treated?

Cataract is a Greek word translated as "waterfall." Such an allegory is associated with the idea of ​​a cloudy film covering the pupil in the form of a water curtain. Such a colorful definition in a frequently occurring eye disease, which, as a rule, occurs in people older than 55 years, but...

Glaucoma treatment is effective, safe and less traumatic

Glaucoma is a chronic eye disease in which intraocular pressure rises, the optic nerve is affected, and vision is reduced, up to blindness. The blindness caused by glaucoma is irreversible, as the optic nerve dies. In this case, it is no longer possible to restore sight to the blind. With...

Laser vision correction

Vision examination at the Chisinau Center “Eye Microsurgery”