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Andronati Vladimir

Cardiologist - cardiology

1995-2001 graduated from the State University of Medicine and Pharmacy. N. Testemitanu Moldova, Chisinau.

2001-2004 graduated from the residency in the specialty "Cardiology"

2014-2015 г Passage of improvement of professional skill on the basis of the state university of medicine and pharmacy it. N. Testemitanu Moldova, Chisinau:

2014 Actual problems in the treatment of arterial hypertension and heart failure

2015 Actual problems in the treatment of coronary heart disease and heart rhythm

2015 Fibrillative Syndrome in Therapeutic Practice

Participation in International Conferences:

2015 Antithrombotic therapy in clinical practice. Moldova city Chisinau

2015 features in the modern treatment of cardiovascular disease. Moldova city Chisinau

2016 National Congress of Cardiologists. Ukraine Kharkov

2016 National Congress of Cardiologists. Moldova city Chisinau

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