Laser vision correction - fast and safe


Laser vision correction is recognized as one of the fastest, painless and effective methods of surgical intervention in ophthalmology.
In medicine, it is known as refractive surgery and is considered a layer of ophthalmology, which includes three basic diagnoses - myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism.
Excimer laser correction includes three main methods of operations: PRK (PRK), LASIK (LASIK) and ReLex SMILE (SMILE).
The main methods of the operation, in turn, have varieties that provide the surgeon with more options, without changing the essence of the method. Such varieties include LASIK, TransFRK, FemtoLASIK, SuperLasik and others.
The gold standard of refractive surgery is excimer laser vision correction according to the LASIK method. This technique allows the most accurate and painless correction of vision for patients with the widest range of refractive errors (from +8 to -17 diopters), and also gives the patient the fastest rehabilitation.
Compared with other correction methods, LASIK has significant advantages, so the discomfort disappears almost completely after 2 hours after the operation. The patient can return to normal life within 7-14 days, while after PRK the discomfort lasts up to 3 days. In addition, during the LASIK operation, all layers of the cornea are preserved, while during PRK some of them are completely evaporated.
At the same time, a small number of patients who cannot perform LASIK according to some physiological parameters, there remains the possibility of laser correction by an alternative method - PRK, LASEC or TransFRK.
SMIL saves all layers of the cornea and provides quick rehabilitation, but has a narrower application (from -1 to -8 diopters), that is, patients with small and high degrees of deviations will have limitations.
Thousands of operations according to the LASIK method are performed annually in the Chisinau Eye Microsurgery Clinic, and since its inception their number has exceeded 20 thousand. Our patient can be confident both in the experience of doctors and in the correctness of the chosen technique.