Компьютерная биометрия

(Данное исследование входит в первичную диагностику)

Biometrics - method of measuring anatomical structures of the eye, the thickness of the cornea (pachymetry), eye length, anterior chamber depth, lens thickness. The study can be performed using ultrasound, and optical devices.

The findings are important for the diagnosis and monitoring of the state of the eye, are used in the selection of contact lenses, as additional criteria for early diagnosis of glaucoma, myopia progresirovaniii, when calculating the IOL cataract surgery.
Ultrasound biometry - contact measuring anterior chamber depth, crystalline lens thickness, length and size of the vitreous eye as a whole, followed by analysis of the ratio of basic anatomical structures of the eye.

Optical non-contact biometry and IOL calculation - non-contact method of measuring anterior-posterior axis of the eye and the anterior chamber depth, lens thickness and rgovitsy keratometry and simultaneous control and screening point fixing maktsly and IOL power calculation. Measurement accuracy is superior to the traditional method of ultrasonic accuracy and repeatability.
The big advantage of this method is its contactless. Therefore not necessary to use a dropping anesthesia, eliminating the possibility of allergic reactions, there is no possibility of contamination, is facilitated by a study in children and patients with blepharospasm.
Modern ultrasound ALCON, laser and optical coherent biometers ZEISS IOLMaser500, IOLMaster700
 already available to our patients, and ensure the most accurate results.