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Particular attention to the diagnosis of vision of young patients

In Chisinau center “Eye Microsurgery” a specialized children's room has been expanded

       The ability to see well is especially important for children, since in the early years they perceive more than 80% of the information visually. This is a guarantee of normal development and regular visits to an ophthalmologist by a child are absolutely necessary.

Ophthalmic diseases are rapidly “getting younger” and often not only adolescents but also newborns need medical care. Congenital and acquired problems of the development of the organ of vision, myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism, strabismus and amblyopia, inflammation and trauma are far from an incomplete list of diagnoses faced by pediatric ophthalmology. The importance of a timely visit to a doctor and the appointment of effective treatment is difficult to overestimate, since the children's visual system is more flexible, it is easier to act on it and, accordingly, it is easier to get a positive result.

      “The first visit to an ophthalmologist should take place in the first month after the birth of the child, in total there should be at least three during the first year of life and at least once a year before reaching the age of seven,” recommends Gennady Tanurkov, director of the Eye Microsurgery Center in Chisinau. The clinic is equipped with modern equipment to diagnose ophthalmic diseases even in newborns, which is installed in a recently expanded children's diagnostic room.

      Dividing the flow of patients by age groups allows you to have a beneficial and calming effect on the emotional background of children. The opportunity to visit a doctor, having previously signed up for a specific time, helps parents plan their time.

Thanks to this approach, both children and their parents feel more comfortable waiting for a doctor's appointment. The reception is conducted by a qualified ophthalmologist who specializes in childhood diseases and has a good understanding of the psychology of young patients. ”

The expansion of a specialized children's room is an integral element in the development of pediatric ophthalmologic care at the Eye Microsurgery Center, including surgery. The clinic’s management plans also expand the age range of patients who require surgical interventions. And if at this stage it is from four years and above, then in the near future it will be reduced to a year. To achieve this goal, special equipment for anesthesia was ordered during children's operations, and surgeons undergo the necessary specialization in leading medical institutions.

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